El Dorado – Sunee Plaza

El DoradoThe El Dorado has a bit of everything. Mainly a guesthouse, it also has a bar and a nice restaurant. They do set price meals and these are good value, and good food. It is owned by Werner who is Swiss and this sets the theme for the place.
Check out their website here – eldorado-pattaya.com

Google coordinates – 12.923152,100.875316

Elephant Plaza Hotel – Sunee Plaza

UPDATE 13/01/14 The former Don Plaza Hotel has been renamed “Elephant Plaza”. As far as we know there are no other changes.

don-plaza131012Nice “upmarket” guesthouse in the heart of Sunee Plaza. It’s quite newly renovated and provides great value for money. The rooms are comfortable (I can vouch for that) and the atmosphere is nice. Caters for all tastes.

See their website here – http://www.elephant-plaza-pattaya.com/

Google coordinates – 12.922886,100.87519

Le Marina Restaurant – Sunee Plaza

27/05/15 Now open again under new management

le-marina-140327Now open under new management, offering Thai and French food. The prices here are spot on. For example they have a choice of three set meals at 299B. There is also an a la carte menu.

It looks good and should do really well – try it!

Google coordinates – 12.922802,100.874852

Oud’s Cafe and Bar – Sunee Plaza

Oud'sThe indomitable Oud makes a grand host in this bar. His personality shines through and he will amuse and entertain you. Watch out for his “sister” who appears on special occasions. On other nights he and his boys will keep you royally watered (and fed).

The bar does a fine line of American snacks, including burgers, sloppy joes and a pulled pork sandwich that will leave your mouth watering.

Check out their website here – www.oudscafe.com

Google coordinates – 12.923254,100.875362

Po Pot Restaurant & Guesthouse – Soi Yensabai – Sunee Plaza

Po PotNice place. Another guesthouse and restaurant. The restaurant is closed on Wednesdays. There are good meals and the set menu changes daily. The salad and soup bar is adequate. The food has a German theme. Very friendly staff who can not do enough for you. Just outside the Plaza on the Yensabai Road.

Google coordinates – 12.922441,100.874646

Sanong – Soi Yensabai – Sunee Plaza

SanongBelgian restaurant at the Yensabai end of the world. It has it’s following and I am not surprised. Open from breakfast to late in the evening, they do a good variety of food. The set menu is particularly good value. You get 5 courses for 279B. OK one is tea or coffee, but it’s still great value.

Google coordinates – 12.9227,100.876239

Sky Restaurant and Drink – Sunee Plaza

skyNow open in the old Villa Rouge. It’s good to see the lights back on. The colour scheme is very orange and the imaginative use of the old “heads” from the Villa Rouge sign make a statement that is notable. The beer and drinks are a good price and the boys are friendly. The food has a French theme, but is a little pricey. Nice addition to the soi.

For more information see their website here – www.skybarsuneepattaya.com

Google coordinates – 12.922946,100.875016

Song Kwae Restaurant – Sunee Plaza

Small family run business right by the junction in the middle of Sunee Plaza. It’s a great place and the food is delicious. I personally love the Green Curry, which at 80B is a bargain.

The portions come in two sizes – Thai size and farang size. If you don’t mention which you want you’ll get large. They Thai boys tend to eat smaller portions and pay less. This gives them a dilemma when a Westerner visits with a Thai boy, but that’s a small problem!

It’s great food. Go along and enjoy it.

Google coordinates – 12.92265,100.87515

Thai Food – Sunee Plaza

Thai FoodA tiny restaurant nestled in the soi. You’d walk past it if you didn’t know about it. It looks a mess from the outside, but the food is possibly the best, most authentic and cheapest around. Their spicy chicken (30B on rice, 35B with a fried egg) is to die for and their Panang Curry (80B) a great favourite of mine.You can always fall back on fried rice (25B, extra again for an egg). There’s a handwritten menu up on the wall, in Thai and bad English, but it gives you an idea of what it’s about.

TRY IT! I just wish I could give it a higher rating.I don’t know its name, it probably hasn’t got one. I just took the cue from the sign outside that says “Thai food”.

Google coordinates – 12.923032,100.874954

Volterra Restaurant – Soi Yensabai – Sunee Plaza

volterraGreat Italian restaurant in the soi that joins soi VC to the Yensabai condo. There is a huge variety of food from pastas to pizzas. The prices are a little on the high side, but not bad considering the quality of food that you get. One of my favourites!

Check out their website here – www.volterrathailand.com

Google coordinates – 12.922909,100.876373

* A Street Cart Named Desire

streetcart desire

When we consider where to eat in the evening, we usually think along the lines of French, German, Italian, American etc. We don’t often sample the delights of the local cuisine. OK, we do sometimes. Maybe when we have a Thai boy in tow, or we feel like we should try something local, but do we really try the variety?

In Sunee Plaza they have an extraordinary variety of foods available. There are two Thai restaurants offering really cheap and complete meals. Song Kwae (which translated means Two Bridges) is in the middle of the Plaza by the Spirit House. They will do you a great green curry for 90B, including rice. The other restaurant has no name. When asked, they couldn’t see the need for one, but the sign above it just says “Thai Food”. They are across from C.U. bar. I love their spicy chicken with a fried egg for 35B or the Panang Curry with rice for 70B.

(Click the thumbnails for a larger version)

But what I’d like to focus on in this article are the street carts. In a typical evening over 50 will parade through Sunee Plaza and the variety of food is astounding.

Where else in the world could you get everything from fried crickets to chicken in a doughnut? From fresh tropical fruit to barbecued chicken livers. Let’s look at a list of the types of carts seen in one evening in the soi.

Fried insects
Corn on the cob
Chicken in a doughnut
Sticky Rice and Mango
Sticky rice in bamboo
Strip pork
Dried squid
Ice cream sandwiches
Flavoured teas
Barbecue skewers
Fried live tiny fish
General fried food
Noodle salad
Chicken fillets
Pork “lumps”


Just to answer the doubters. Is it safe to eat off street carts? Is it safe to eat in top restaurants in England? The Telegraph reported in 2009 “The Fat Duck, the Michelin-starred restaurant run by renowned chef Heston Blumenthal, has closed as a result of a food poisoning scare.” It’s all part of life.

Have you ever wondered what the Thai army secret weapon could be? Try a squadron of Thai cooks all frying chilli and see how the eyes and the lungs of the enemy fare! Take a deep breath, hold it, OK, that cart has passed.

So what appeals to me? It’s the “spur of the moment” feeling. You see a vendor of chicken fillets walk past and you can wave them down. They will smile and offer you your choice of their wares. It’s always tasty. If you don’t like it, then you’ve only spent 10 or 20B. Try something else. I guarantee there will be something to your palette. And as for desire? Ask the street cart vendor in the picture above with the green “ball” cart and “up to you”, is the answer you normally get. And I believe if the price was right that could include the seller himself!