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Sunee Plaza

Sunee Plaza at night

During the day Sunee Plaza is a quiet area. The bars and restaurants are mostly closed and the people go about their normal daily life. Outside the Plaza the streets buzz with normal daily life. If you go to Pattaya Tai, you can find the street food market and buy some really unusual things! I recommend you take one of the boys around with you to show you the ropes. It’s a little “weird” otherwise. There’s a nice street market (Wat Chai) and also Tukcom the big IT market/store which are both interesting to walk around. It’s the heart of life in Pattaya and many local people make a normal everyday living there.
The Plaza begins to wake up around 6 pm as the bars and restaurants start to open.

The boys spend the first part cleaning and tidying after the night before and then settle down to the customers coming in.

Sunee Plaza

One of the smaller Thai restaurants in Sunee Plaza

You can get a nice early drink in one of the beer bars and get chatted up as a really great way to start your evening off.

There are many sorts of restaurants here. From very cheap Thai places, (and don’t forget the street stalls), to more lavish places with good European food and a la carte menus. Some of the bars do great food as snacks too.

The entertainment bars start to open at 8 pm and go on to 1 am. The bars stay open a longer to 2 am or even later.

Some of the beer bars have “special” evenings with a theme or a party and if you watch the news pages you will see what’s going on.

Sunee Plaza

Fireworks – must be a party night!

Do buy the boys a drink if they spend time chatting to you. They really appreciate that. And don’t forget a small personal tip if they spend time with you.
The entertainment bars come in all shades and variations here. From the smaller ones with just a few boys dancing, which can be quite intimate to the larger ones with a bigger “cast”. They seem to have slightly younger boys here than in Boyztown, although you can find all ages in both areas. If you’re worried about the age of a boy in an entertainment bar, ask to see his ID. They should all be over 18, but some of the boys are not. I’ll not labour the point here as I want this to be positive. But be wary!
There are a couple of great table top dancing bars and some with some more intimate areas. You’ll have fun looking around and finding the best ones for you. I know you all have different tastes, and the is something here to cater for all tastes.
You’ll enjoy Sunee Plaza – I know I do!