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songkwae03/09/16 The folks at Ting Tong Red have bought the lease and reopened the old Song Kwae Restaurant as the Ting Tong Red Restaurant. They are now offering Thai and Khmer Food from this outlet.

30/08/16 Another great loss to the Plaza. All of Me and All of Me Too have both closed. We will miss them both. We have also learnt that the Elephant Plaza Bar and Terrace have gone too.

07/08/16 Two sad closures of long-time stalwarts in Sunee Plaza. Duc’s Bar and Coffee Shop has gone, as has the Song Kwae Restaurant

15/06/16 The lady who ran the Thai Food place in Sunee Plaza opposite All of Me Too has died. This was a lovely place doing wonderful food. It is doubtful whether it will open again.

10/06/16 La Marina Restaurant in Sunee Plaza has closed. We will keep you posted on developments.

03/06/16 Sad to report that the Colonial Bar and Apartments in Soi V.C. at Sunee Plaza are closed. The premises are now for sale and we will report on any news. The quiz night on the 2nd Sunday in aid of Take Care will transfer to All of Me

01/06/16 The Eldorado Restaurant and Guesthouse in Sunee Plaza has a new owner. It’s been renamed and is not gay any more. Accordingly it’s been delisted.

ting_tong_beach21/03/16 There’s a new sitting area opened up in Sunee Plaza for patrons of Ting Tong Red. Ting Tong Beach adds a fun, pavement-side addition to the soi. Enjoy!

10/02/16 The Jasmine Bar in Sunee Plaza has closed and the furniture has been removed. We will let you know if there is any news of a new owner, but at the moment it looks unlikely.

marina16011010/01/16 La Marina Restaurant has had their front knocked out. It’s now an open beer bar which does food.

10/01/16 Two closures to report in Sunee Plaza. Both Jojo Bar and Sunny Boys have closed with no news of when they might open. Of course we will keep you posted

euroboys-beerjojo19/10/15 Great news! Both Jojo Bar and Euroboys are now back open! WOO HOO!

19/09/15 Jojo Bar in Sunee Plaza is now closed. However all is not doom and gloom. Rumours have it that Euroboys will open again soon. Watch this space.

03/09/15 Euroboys in Sunee Plaza is closed again. We can’t be 100% sure it’s not temporary, but our sources suggest otherwise.

05/08/15 With great regret, we announce that one of the long time stalwarts in Sunee Plaza has closed its doors. Po Pot Restaurant on Soi Yensabai has gone, furniture removed, shutters bolted. It is unlikely that a gay restaurant/guesthouse will take its place, but we will keep you informed.

le-marina-14032727/05/15 Le Marina Restaurant in Sunee Plaza is back open under new management. Read about it here

allofme120112113/05/15 All of Me Too in Sunee Plaza has re-opened with a great new manager and wait staff. At this time, they’ve not re-opened the massage area. Pop in and support them if you’re in the area.

13/05/15 Krazy Dragon has closed again (it’s been closed now for two weeks.) This bar has more openings and closings at the moment than we can keep up with. So for now, we’ll leave it unlisted. If you want to visit, try and see.

jojo25/04/14 Wan’s bar in Sunee has new owners and is now called Jojo Bar. Otherwise, very much as before.

theone15042525/04/15 Lek’s Bar in Sunee Plaza (now in the former Yaya’s Bar) has changed it’s name to the One.


kdoffer15042525/04/15 Less than two weeks after it closed, the Krazy Dragon in Sunee Plaza is back open again. They are now offering parties on Saturday nights, and deals on Heineken. So if you’re looking for somewhere to try, get it while it’s hot!

12/04/15 We have heard from a reliable source that Krazy Dragon in Sunee Plaza has closed again and is now for rent by the current lessee. If there’s any change to the situation there, we will let you know.

06/04/15 With great regret, we announce the closure of the Little Mango in Soi VC, Pattaya. This has been one of the stalwarts of the area. If we get any more news (what’s happening to the site, if it might reopen etc) we will let you know.

colonial-apart30/03/15 News from Colonial Bar and Apartments. First the bad news. Due to the chef’s holiday they will not be offering food for a couple of weeks. Second the great news. For the months of April, May and June, they are offering discount accommodation, free transfer from the airport, complimentary use of the Marina Pool and a discount card for the bar. What more could you want?

17/02/15 U-Turn Bar in Sunee Plaza has now closed. It looks this time as if it’s final. However we all know about bars and if there’s any change or a new owner, we will report.

23/01/15 Happy Boys in Soi Yensabai near Sunee Plaza has closed again. We’re not sure why this time. The last was for refurbishment. We will keep you posted though.

gurke(6)13/01/15 Gurke Guesthouse in Sunee Plaza has changed its name to Ting Tong Red. This is to being it into line with the owner’s second bar, due to open shortly, Ting Tong Blue.

colonial13101201/01/15 We have just heard from a reliable source that Warwick (former owner of Baan Dok Mai – see our article here) has bought the Colonial Bar in Sunee Plaza. We wish him every success with this venture.

krazy-141227/12/14 We have re-reviewed the Krazy Dragon in Sunee Plaza. How it’s changed in just two weeks!!! Read our revised report here …. We’re actually quite impressed by it now!

euroboys-beer15/12/14 We have a few updates from Sunee Plaza:

EuroBoys has indeed reopened as a beer bar
Krazy Dragon has opened under new management
Lek’s Bar has moved to the former Yaya Bar
All of Me 2 has closed. This may be temporary, but we will keep you informed.

21/11/14 Thanks to a friend, we have the following updates to Sunee Plaza. We will get some pictures taken and get the individual entries updated as soon as we can.

Euroboys is now open as a beer bar (name unknown)
Happy Boys in Soi Yensabai is now open again
Le Bouchon Thai has re-opened as a bar – called Ting Tong Blue, we’re not certain if it’s a beer bar or a gogo bar.

If anyone can confirm the answers to these questions, and let us have a snap shot of the outside of the place, we can update our listings.

sunny-boys05/11/14 Two closures to report in Pattayaland. In Soi 1, Freeman is now closed. It has a “Bar for Rent” sign on the front. In Soi 2, Happy Place has closed. We will update if we hear any news of either of these. We’ve also re-visited Sunny Boys in Sunee Plaza and updated our review here.

11/10/14 Just heard that Ronnie, the owner of Sanai Apartments in Sunee Plaza died last Thursday (9th) in Hospital. He had been ill for some time. We have no news of what will happen to Sanai, but when we do, we will pass it on.

24/09/14 Three closures to report in Sunee Plaza. Yaya Beer Bar has closed as has the Bouchon Thai restaurant. The Crazy Pub has also closed, but we are not sure if that’s temporary. We will report if it reopens.

sunny-boys29/08/14 Sunny Boys is now open. You can read our (brief) report here. It will be updated soon. The owner also owns Happy Boys in Soi Yensabai and he has taken the opportunity to close that for a short time for refurbishment. More details to follow.

sunny-boys-coming-soon06/08/14 There’s a big sign up on the former City Boys (Jimm Jimmy James) in Sunee Plaza. It is announcing a new gogo bar “Sunny Boys” coming soon. As soon as it is actually open we will report the news.

26/07/14 Sad to report that the lights have gone out on the Krazy Dragon in Sunee Plaza. Let’s hope this closure is not a long lasting one and that a new owner can be found soon. There’s an article on it in our blog –

03/07/14 Two closures to report in Pattaya. La Botte Wine Bar opposite Le Bordeaux in Soi Day Night has closed and is up for sale. The New Don Plaza Bar in Sunee Plaza has also closed and the walls have been bricked up again.

20/06/14 The Bouchon Thai Restaurant in Sunee Plaza has closed. There is some talk that it will re-open in the high season, but it’s not definite. Watch this space. (Update 27/06/14 – now open again. Apparently the disagreement between the staff has been sorted out by one of them leaving.)

siamhouse2214/06/14 We have three very special guesthouse promotions to bring to your attention if you are interested in staying in Pattaya.

In the Jomtien Complex, Siam House are offering special rates on their superior rooms for the rest of June and July. Check out here.

In Soi Day Night, Baan Dok Mai has two specials for July through September – free breakfast and a pick up from the airport (if you stay 7 nights). This offer is here.

Finally Two Guys Guesthouse near Sunee Plaza is offering a “Stay 4 nights and get the 5th as a bonus, Breakfast (Choice of 7) is included with all rooms.” deal. Details are here.

Now there’s a good reason to visit the L.O.S…

eros140629bda409/05/14 Eros Boy Bar in Sunee Plaza has announced its birthday week parties, from June 29th to July 5th! What a lineup this is! Check them all out on our calendar or our blog here –

lemarina15/03/14 A bit of news from Sunee Plaza. We have had it confirmed that Le Marina Restaurant, closed for a while, has re-opened. Welcome back!

don-plaza-bar14/02/14 The former Topman/Cocktail Boys/Stardust has opened as a beer bar and apartments above. Now run by the former owners of the Don Plaza Hotel, it’s called the New Don Plaza Bar and Guesthouse

22/01/14 Cocktail Boys (upstairs from Forest Bar in Sunee Plaza) has closed. There’s no news of whether it will re-open.

uturn22/01/14 The U-Turn bar in Sunee Plaza has re-opened. A friend told us “The prices are reasonable and there seems to be a few handsome young waiters on staff. With more expected to report for work soon, I am informed.”

don-plaza13101216/01/14 The Don Plaza Hotel in Sunee Plazahas changed its name to the Elephant Plaza Hotel. As far as we know there have been no other changes.

Country Club27/12/13 The Blue Chilli bar in Sunee Plaza, unofficially called Thai Blue Chilli, has settled on the name “Nak’s Blue Chilli“. The former Country Club will celebrate its Grand Opening on January 8th, to coincide with Nat’s Birthday.

27/12/13 We have heard that City Boys in Sunee Plaza has closed. Apparently all the furniture has been sold and there are no plans to reopen it. If there is any news we will update you.

jasmine26/10/13 News from Wan’s Place and Jasmine Bar in Sunee Plaza:
Wan’s Place: Happy hour up to 9.30. 20 bt off all drinks.
Eg ; Chang & leo 50 bt, Singha 60 Bt, Sanmig 70 bt, Sangsom 40 bt. 100 PP 65 bt, soft drinks 40 bt
And The Jasmine bar is now a karaoke bar. Only 10 bt to sing a song, Thai and Falang songs. And it can go on quite late.

26/10/13 Mic My Bar on Soi V.C. near Sunee Plaza has changed its name to Power Boys. As far as we know nothing else has changed.

aom13101214/10/13 There have been two closures in Sunee Plaza recently. The U Turn Bar has now closed. We will update you with news of the site. Le Marina Restaurant is also closed, but we are not sure if this is only temporary. Again more news to follow. Finally All of Me Too massage has been recently renovated and has a new manager. It should now fly!

Country Club03/10/13 The Country Club in Sunee Plaza has changed hands and has been bought by the owner of the Blue Chilli in Phnom Penh. It’s been renamed Thai Blue Chilli. Let’s see how it turns out ….

13/09/13 The Colonial Bar in Soi V.C. has just undergone a massive refurbishment. It has lost its Irish Theme and reverted to a normal beer bar. We will publish pictures as soon as we get them

jasmine16/08/13 The former Wan’s Cafe in Sunee Plaza has been renamed and redecorated. It is now the Jasmine Bar.

New Queens08/08/13 New Queen’s Bar in Sunee Plaza has reopened under new management. It is back as a beer bar.

kdsign01/08/13 News from George, the owner of Krazy Dragon. “The Krazy Dragon is back under new management.
Effective August 1st, The Krazy Dragon has returned to being one of Sunee’s best go-go bars.  Prices have returned to their previous levels of 140 baht for all boy and customer drinks.  Specialty cocktails remain at 300 baht. Please come join the boys inside or you are welcome to sit outside and enjoy the views of the Soi. We have new boys, and are actively recruiting more boys to work at the Dragon with some of your old favorites returning from up country, so come join us for a good time. We will be updating our web site soon, so watch for new events and activities at the Krazy Dragon. See you soon!”

15/07/13 The Up 2 U bar has now closed. The staff have moved to the Don Plaza Hotel, where they have taken out some of the blackened windows and opened up the downstairs as a bar and restaurant with a German theme.

Happy Boys15/06/13 From the owner of Happy Boys in Soi Yensabai: “Happy Boys Bar now offering massage. Happy Boys Bar have renovated three rooms on the third floor. Each room has a shower and massage table in it. Some of the boys know massage and later more boys will be trained in massage at which point we will have opening party for massage. Please ask Manager Wat  or Cashier Tuy which boys know massage. Now during soft opening we charge 300 Bath for massage third floor. The second floor is the same as before and to go there with a boy is 100 Baht, we call it Thai Massage. This is a new concept in Pattaya, a Go Go bar offering massage. ”

colonialchilli118/05/13 From The Colonial, Soi V.C. “Here is our menu for the next week:
Thursday 23rd will be pork casserole and banana custard self serve 150 baht
Tuesday 28th roast Chicken with vegetables and boiled potatoes, self serve. 140B
Thursday  30th  Fish n Chips with mushy peas and bread & butter and jelly n ice cream 170B. Bookings will be accepted for the fish as it is very popular and this week we sold out but it is not mandatory but please dont be upset if we have sold out.
NEW – PLEASE NOTE!!!! On Saturday and Sunday nights even though the football has finished, we are still doing freshly cooked bacon sandwiches to enjoy while you watch whatever is on or chat to your mates! Go on, give ’em a try!

14/05/13 New Queens Bar in Sunee Plaza, Pattaya has closed. Its terrace is now being used by Eros.

kdsign13/05/13 – As of the 1st of May, the Krazy Dragon is no longer a go-go bar and is changing to a beer bar format.  There are no longer boys dancing on the tables. The bar still looks the same for now, until building works are commenced. New furniture will be coming soon for those of you who like to sit outside and enjoy the heat and humidity and new air conditioners will be installed during the remodelling for those who want to stay cool. Most of the old boys have gone and we are holding off recruiting a lot of new guys until we can get a timeline for the remodelling. We’ll keep you posted as things change. New prices and happy hour from 8pm until 10pm every day.

Happy Hour Prices from 8pm to 10pm (Low Season) : Soft Drinks, Beer and Rail Drinks 80 baht : Call Drinks 100 baht : (Any drinks not listed are at regular price) : Boy drinks +40 baht
Regular Prices (Low Season) : Soft Drinks 80 baht : All Beer, Wine, Breezers and Rail Drinks 100 baht : Call Drinks 120 baht : Cocktails 200 baht : Boy drinks +40 baht

colonialchilli106/05/13 From The Colonial, Soi V.C. “We change the food on a Tuesday and Thursday nights now. On Thursday it is pork schnitzel with jacket potato side salad and pepper sauce with jelly and ice cream for dessert all that for 170 baht. The following week’s food which is Tuesday 14th will be chilli con carne with savoury rice and garlic bread self serve and Thursday 16th will be the popular fish and chips with mushy peas and for dessert jam sponge & custard. 170 baht. Bookings for the fish n chips are accepted so as not to be disappointed if we sell out but it is not mandatory. On Saturday nights it is football night so why not come and watch the footy on the big screen TVs and get a freshly cooked bacon sandwich to enjoy at the same time. Go on, give ’em a try!

colonial120131(1)02/05/13 On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Colonial Bar in Soi V.C. is having a “dinner night”. It’s served from 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm. Go along and taste it – it’s to die for! Visit the bar during the week to find out what it will be this week!

30/04/13 The Corner Bar in Sunee Plaza has reopened from its transformation and is now called “Double Shot“. They have an extensive food menu of snack and main dishes, cooked by the Don Plaza Hotel next door.

Happy Boys26/04/13 Happy Boys Bar in Soi Yensabai has announced its low-season prices. Low Season Special, 80 Baht Soft Drinks and 95 Baht Alcoholic Drinks Available. Go in and have a try!

11/04/13 There are three closures to report in the Sunee Area of Pattaya. Samorn’s Bar, on the corner opposite The Colonial in Soi V.C. is closed and shuttered. Cafe de Paris in the small soi leading to Yensabai Condo has closed, and de Marmiet in the same soi has also gone, with a police notice on the door, saying do not remove furniture. Watch this space for news if anything goes in their place.

07/04/13 Update from a correspondent about openings and closings in Sunee Plaza:
Good Boys
has reopened as a Beer Bar with all of the front ripped out.  The venue is very dark and mysterious with a small screened area in one of the back corners with what appears lounge furniture for the comfort of the punters.  Probably, 10 -15 boys on any given night standing along the soi doing the “touting” thing.
Since Good Boys reopened CU Bar has been shuttered with a For Sale Sign.
RS Rooms is currently closed with no renters.  They are re-doing all of the apartments and appear to be re-doing the lobby.  Not sure exactly what they are doing to the lobby.
Corner Bar is still closed for renovations.  Word is that the bar will re-open about the third week of April but there is no signage.  Also, the renovations being conducted behind screens so there is a bit of anticipation of the upcoming unveiling.
Mic My is still closed – again rumoured to be opening as a beer bar in the future but no dates or details yet

04/04/13 C…….. Boys in the small soi opposite The Colonial, Soi V.C. Pattaya has closed. The owner, Dave, is looking for a new and better location, and as soon as he finds one, he will re-open. We will let you know when he does.

eroscocktail130403/04/13 Two bits of news from Eros Boy Bar in Sunee Plaza. First they have now started their low-season prices. Soft drinks just 89B and house alcohol just 109B. Second they have a new cocktail of the month – MOJITO – just 149B. Check it out when you say “Hi” to the boys.

cornerbarbe24/02/13 With the grand demolition party at Corner Bar in Sunee Plaza tonight, we confirm it will be closed for between 2 and 4 weeks for renovation. There are rumours a-plenty about what it will look like after the work, but our best advice is “watch this spot and see”. We will update you as soon as we know.

colonialcurry13021917/02/13 For no reason other than it made us chuckle. Here’s the latest poster from the Colonial in Soi V.C. Pattaya. it’s not new news, but it’s amusing news. So it went in. Well done guys. Tuesdays 6.30 to 9.00 – 120B!

hot-fever13021515/02/13 Hot Fever in Soi V.C., Pattaya is now open. Our man has been there and wasn’t exactly impressed. If you’ve been and have a report for us, please let us know.

hotfever13020606/02/13 Hot Fever – a new Karaoke, restaurant, pub, internet shop will be opening soon in Soi V.C. where the old Boy Band 2 was. The expected opening date is this Saturday (9th), but we ill keep you posted.

cocktailboys13020606/02/13 Cocktail Boys Club in Sunee Plaza (above Forest House) opened tonight. The bar looks good. it’s been thoroughly cleaned. There were about 10 boys there. The owner says he’s expecting more tomorrow. We wish them all the best!

cocktailboys24/01/13 The former Tom Yum above Forest House in Sunee Plaza, has a new owner. It’s new name is Cocktail Boys Club and it is being opened by Tum (formerly of Murphy’s Magic City). He has great plans for it and is renovating the bar. It should soon be open – they are quoting a date of 6th February, but we will keep you posted.

colonial-apart20/01/13 The Colonial Apartments in Soi V.C. near Sunee Plaza have been open for some time, but now their renovation is complete and they are actively looking for customers. You can check them out here or on their brand new website –

colonial13011516/01/13 On Tuesdays, Colonial Bar in Soi V.C. is having a “Curry night”. For 120B you get a buffet of chicken curry, rice and bread, with raita on the side. It’s self service from 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm. Go along and taste it – it’s to die for! On Thursday they have a “pot luck” special. Visit the bar during the week to find out what it will be this week!

yaya13010505/01/13 In addition to continuing their Carmel Apple Martini, Yaya in Sunee Plaza is now doing a “Day at the beach”! A smooth mix of coconut rum, amaretto and orange juice to smooth your cares away! Just 100B for January.

cboys121231a31/12/12 After being closed for minor renovations, C…….. Boys in the small soi opposite Colonial Bar, Soi V.C. Pattaya has reopened. Not only are they as friendly as ever, with great staff, but now they are doing a loyalty card. Buy 5 drinks and get one free!

ole-sign22/12/12 The Dinning Restaurant in Sunee Plaza has changed its name to Ole Restaurante. Everything else has stayed the same – owner food etc.

cornerbarbe16/12/12 We have now had it confirmed that the Corner Bar in Sunee Plaza has been sold to a really nice man from the Netherlands. He has experience in running bars in Sunee and has vowed to bring the place back to life. His catch phrase will be “Nice Boys, Good Service.”

Redgy's Place14/12/12 Redgy’s Bar in Sunee Plaza has been bought by a friend of the owner of Rainbow next door and closed for a bit. The plan is to re-open around the end of January. In the meantime, Rainbow is using their terrace. We will advise you when they do re-open.

12/12/12 We have a new seasonal cocktail from Yaya in Sunee Plaza. The Carmel Apple Martini. Just right for those “autumnal” evenings. Butterscotch schnapps, vodka and apple pucker. Just 90B while the season lasts!

03/12/12 Yaya’s Bar in Sunee Plaza has been put back on the market. This is a superbly located bar with a good, regular clientèle. Asking price is 600,000B, contact Nicky using the contact page for more details.

17/11/12 The Happy Boys Website – has announced a terrific deal on drinks prices. From 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm ALL HOUSE DRINKS are just 75B each. This includes soft drinks, house beers, wine and house spirits. Make  point of heading there while this great deal lasts.

12/11/12 U Turn Boy Club in Sunee Plaza, opened tonight with a bang and a crash and a huge party. It was fun for the Thais who attended.

30/10/12 The former Murphy’s Magic City in Sunee Plaza has been renamed just City Boy. This is partly due to the fact that Murphy never materialised and partly to make the name shorter and less of a mouthful. Whichever way it’s still a good bar, well worth checking out.

29/10/12 The new bar/club in Sunee – U-Turn Club – is getting ready to open.It has been open the last couple of nights and is looking interesting (understatement). We have been told that the locals are looking forward to its opening with mixed feelings. Of course we’ll report back here more when it finally arrives on the scene.

19/10/12 There’s a new fashion store in Soi V.C. Fashion Freak has taken over where the former Little Mango Internet used to be. It is a good store, run by friendly staff and has a great stock. Pop in and see.

12/10/12 There’s a new karaoke bar in Soi V.C., Pattaya. Just down from the Colonial, the new bar, Boy Band 2, has opened. It’s OK, if you like Thai karaoke and if you go with a bunch of Thai boys …

11/10/12 It has been reported by our man that New Sawatdee Boys, which used to be in Soi V.C. by Sunee Plaza is being demolished. There is no chance it will open as a gogo bar again. The front is being ripped out and the stage has been removed. Word on the street says it’s going to be another Arab smoking bar.

01/10/12 GOOD NEWS – we have been told that the Corner Bar in Sunee Plaza is now back open again. It has the same owners and on its first night did a good trade. Let’s hope it stays open as the corner was very dark with the shutters down and the lights off.

29/09/12 C…….. Boys in the small soi opposite the Colonial bar off Soi V.C. (near Sunee Plaza) is now open. It’s got a good future (nice lads, drinks the right price, friendly American Host etc etc). Take the walk around the corner and have a look. If you want to see a map of where it is click here

13/09/12 Just in case anyone sees the boarded up former Sky Boy Bar (Banana Bar) in Sunee Plaza and wonders what they are doing behind the boards, we have spoken to the owner and the answer (at the moment) is nothing. They have merely blocked it off to stop the dossers sleeping in it and using its facilities. If there’s a plan to redevelop, we will report immediately.

Whilst talking about Sunee, Gurke Guesthouse has had a new canopy fitted and is being painted. It will soon look very “posh”. Our man has told us that he will send new photos in 2-3 days. So don’t look at the old one and despair!

04/09/12 Opening soon, now under new management. The former Galapagos or Sabai House in Sunee Plaza has been renamed Gurke Guesthouse. It is waiting for a license, then it will open. The Thai lady who runs it seems very nice. They have 7 rooms and charge 600B a night. They expect to do breakfast and have a bar open in the evenings. Contact at 038 713066 Read about it on our blog here -

05/08/12 All Of Me and All Of Me too in Sunee Plaza have announced a raft of parties through the autumn (does Thailand have an Autumn?) Anyway, you can see them in our diary or look through the whole list here -

27/07/12 We have had it confirmed that Corner Bar in Sunee Plaza is now closed. It is possible it will open again for a short time later in the year when the owners have some friends visiting. In the meantime, the staff have been kept on to keep the place secure, the rent is being paid, but that’s all. It’s definitely for sale. Contact on 0845418253 for more details

24/07/12 News from Yaya’s Bar in Sunee Plaza.
Friday night,  20 July,  Jay from Ireland cracked the safe and walked away with the 5,000 baht.  The combination code was  1947 (Ed’s note – now whose birthday year is that??) and the safe door popped open to the cheers of the boys.  I think the boys were more excited than the winner.  Every since the contest started in May, the boys (even though not eligible) kept attempting to guess the combination.  So they were very excited when Jay entered the winning combination.  By the way, with four digits the odds were   1:10,000

11/07/12 Noted in Sunee Plaza last night – Corner Bar is back open. Although it is still for sale it would appear the owners just went on a holiday.

09/07/12 Stardust in Sunee Plaza has reopened tonight. As was rumoured, it is now a girly bar with a “Tarzan/Jane” theme. The girls all wear leopard-spotted tops and mini dresses. As it is no longer of gay interest we have removed it from the website.

05/07/12 Stardust in Sunee Plaza has sold. It has been bought by a German and we do not know exactly what he intends to do with it yet. There have been many rumours, but until we know for sure we’d prefer not to comment. However watch this space for the full details when it is confirmed.

02/07/12 The low season strikes again in Pattaya.
In Sunee Plaza, the Corner Bar is shuttered but the illuminated sign is still on. The word says it’s closed for anywhere between a few days and a month. There is however a “For Sale” sign on the outside.We’ve heard that 800k will get you the place – they are talking offers too.
In Jomtien, Aquarius was rumoured to be closed/closing on July 1st. Indeed it was closed on the 1st. However on the 2nd, the tables were all laid and it appears to be back open again. More to follow …
In Soi Day Night, the Dolphin Restaurant has gone. It appears to have been converted into a reception area for the T.B. Mansions above it.

02/07/12 We’ve heard two bits of news from Yaya in Sunee Plaza. They have a new waiter in the form of gorgeous 27 y.o. May.  You may recognize May’s face from Sunee Plaza. Go along and say “Hi” to him. They also have a new cocktail of the month for July. It is the “Minty Brazilian”. This yummy cocktail is a blend of coffee liqueur and mint schnapps that wakens the taste buds.  Featured all the month of July at only 80 baht. There’s an extra piece of news too! Good news for all devotees of the bar! Read the full entry to find out what and see the full size pictures on our blog here –

There is also some sad news about their friend and former colleague Ae. I quote from their website “This morning, 2 July,  our friend and beloved co-worker, Ae, passed after a long illness. We miss him.  We miss his laugh.  We miss his smile.  We miss his jokes.  We miss his presence…he made us complete.  YES, WE MISS HIM. Ae will always be in our thoughts and heart.  Rest easy, our friend.” Having known him too I share the sentiments. It’s always sad to see someone you like pass on, especially when they are so young.

30/06/12 AT LAST! We have the new name for the Thai restaurant in Sunee Plaza. It’s at the start of the soi with Krazy Dragon in it. (Where the old Violet House and Enjoy Karaoke used to be). It’s called the “DINNING RESTAURANT“. And yes – it is Dinning. It is due to open Monday or Tuesday and of course we will get it reviewed as soon as it does open!

29/06/12 There’s a new announcement on the front page of Howard’s Guesthouse‘s in Soi V.C. Pattaya website.
“Sorry Dear Howards friends, as from today July 27, Howards Guesthouse & Bar is closed. I am concentrating on my Sansuk Sauna and Guesthouse in Jomtien and will be happy to give ex Howards guests a discount if you would like to stay at Sansuk. Best wishes and thank you for your friendship and support over the years. Sincerely, Punya”
Accordingly we have de-listed it.

15/06/12 Our contact was at a loose end tonight as the bar were not open, so he went to de Marmiet to give it a try. This new Belgian restaurant near Soi V.C. Pattaya has been open a few days. You can read what he said here.

12/06/12 de Marmiet in the small soi that leads from Soi V.C. to Yensabai Condo in Pattaya is now open. We’ve been given a short report on first impressions which we’ve put here. Our rep has promised to get there in the next few days and will report more.

09/06/12 Howard’s Hotel in Soi V.C. has been sold. We know the consortium that has bought it and will be de-listing it as a gay hotel as of September 1st. You can read there official statement on their website, but it reads, “Hi – I am sorry to say Howards has been sold, the completion date is the first of September 2012. It has been bought by someone who has quite a few hotels in the area, The Boutique Hotel opposite Howards, Paradise Boutique Hotel and The Day and Night Hotel for starters. The new owner has asked us to carry on taking reservations after September the first and has assured us he will honour future reservation for the upcoming season so we have to take him at his word and assume he will do so, so all future reservations after September the first are secure!”

Punya is extending his guesthouse at Sansuk and they will have an extra 40 rooms soon.

09/06/12 Eros Boy Bar and Happy Boys Bar are offering Membership cards. This membership entitles you to purchased drinks all year long at low season prices. These cards are available in Eros Boy Bar only, but valid in both bars. Please see manager Joe at Eros Boy Bar for a membership card. We do this in appreciation of our low season customers.

02/06/12 Having said €uroboy$ in Sunee Plaza was closed, we were surprised to find it open again. It has been taken over by one of it’s former mamasans and they are trying to make a go of it. They opened tonight (June 2nd) and are getting boys very soon. Along with Murphy’s we will re-visit soon and update our report on how it’s doing. The bar is however still for sale. If you are interested in buying it please see our site here –

31/05/12 The reports of Murphy’s Magic City in Sunee Plaza, were correct – it was stripped out and sold by Mr Murphy last week. However, it has been bought by a really nice Thai man, who set about it with some energy and opened it tonight. They have a small number of boys (9) and expect this number to go up and down for a bit, until they get their new boys in from up North. Our reporter went in and chatted to them and had a nice time. The drinks are the right price and everyone is really friendly. If you’re curious, go and have a look, but it will be a little until the numbers come up. Patience is a virtue!

29/05/12 We have received an email from the manager of Stardust Karaoke – “The owner of Stardust has decided to sell, so therefore we shall not be re-opening. The owner has informed me that the asking price is 1 million baht which includes all fixtures and fittings in the bar and also in the rooms and apartments above. Don’t forget this is a double unit not a single. The price is for the bar and the apartments inclusive. I would like to thank all the customers who had supported us over the last 12 months. The asking price is 1 million Thai baht but that price is available for discussion for a quick sale.”

28/05/12 There’s going to be a new restaurant in the small soi that leads from Soi V.C. to the Yensabai Condo. The old beauty salon next to Sanong is being done up. Apparently it has been bought by Albert, a former owner of the restaurant now known as Café de Paris. We will keep you posted with news as we get it. (The sign says they are looking for a cook and a waiter and has now been taken down).

23/05/12 Our new Property Website – is now live. We have two properties we’d like to draw your attention to in Sunee Plaza.

The Former Euroboys is for sale at just 500,000B. You can read all the details here –

There is also an very reasonably priced apartment block. Already popular with sitting tenants at the corner of Sunee Plaza and Soi Yensabai. Read about that here.

If you’re interested in either place, the contact details are on the web page and please mention you saw it on Nicky’s Properties if you make contact with them.

22/05/12 News today is that Murphy’s Magic City in Sunee Plaza has been stripped out. It looks like it will not be happening. The website has been taken down and a note added “Good By Sunee Plaza”. So our guess is that the place has been abandoned. If we find out more we will let you know.

Little Mango14/05/12 We have today received a new menu from the Little Mango Restaurant in Soi V.C. There are a number of new dishes and the Thai section has been greatly expanded. It’s well worth a look.

03/05/12 We have had confirmation directly from the owner of €uroboy$ in Sunee Plaza, that the place is closed now with no prospect of re-opening in the foreseeable future. The bar is up for sale for 500,000B if anybody is interested please contact them (or contact us and we will pass any message on for them).

30/04/12 Three Zone bar and restaurant in Sunee Plaza has closed. We are not sure if this is temporary for the low season, or is permanent. As soon as we know more, we will report back.

Happy Boys25/04/12 Happy Boys Bar in Soi Yensabai has announced a low season promotion. All customer drinks are now just 99B

22/04/12 Stardust in Sunee Plaza has closed. Apparently it is just for the low season. They expect to re-open soon. The new apartments above it are still open and taking bookings.

10/04/12 NEW PROMOTION ! – CRACK   THE   SAFE – Stop by YaYa Bar in Sunee Plaza and try your luck at guessing the four digit combination of the safe.  Open the safe and the contents are yours.  5,000 baht!!!!!

10/04/12 Yaya’s bar in Sunee Plaza offers a cocktail of the month. COCKTAIL OF THE MONTH FOR APRIL
This is a repeat of our most popular Cocktail of the Month.
Featured at 100 baht

20/03/12 We have learned that All of Me in Sunee Plaza has started doing regular Saturday night Music Nights with Rose and friends. These run from 9 pm to 1 am. Rose is very good. If you haven’t heard her go along and have a treat. If you know her, go along anyway and say “Hi from Nicky”!

20/03/12 Lusy Massage in the small soi leading from Soi V.C. to Yensabai Condo has closed. It didn’t last long … We are watching the unit and will report if anything gay-orientated happens to it.

13/03/12 Eros Boy Bar in Sunee Plaza has just announced a low season special. Apparently all dinks are just 100B – go along and get a dink!

03/03/12 In a real “blast from the past”, Apadana in Sunee Plaza has taken back the name “Apollo Beer Garden”. This was last used in the Plaza around 4 years ago! Apadana has not changed owners, nor has it changed its target clientele, but it has started doing all you can eat buffets for 230B each night. The over-whelming majority of its clients are arabic, so it has never been listed on Nicky’s sites.

02/03/12 Yaya’s bar in Sunee Plaza offers a cocktail of the month. The APPLE-TINI is the Cocktail of the Month for March 2012.
A taste of decadent youth is back again!
Featured all month at 90 baht.

28/02/12 Yaya Bar in Sunee Plaza has just finished a major update to their website. They have a new server and a new program. The site itself looks very jazzy and has a number of great features. Check out the “This and That” section. It’s really fun! Their site is here – – and if you want – click on the picture to the left and see some fun!

25/02/12 Monty’s Bar in the small soi off soi V.C. opposite Colonial Bar has sold. We are not sure at this time what if any changes the new owner will make, but watch this space and we will tell you!

21/02/12 It’s obviously massage opening season. There’s a new one called Lusy Massage in the small sub-soi leading from Soi V.C. by Sunee Plaza to Yensabai Condo. Our reviewer has been there and you can read what he says here.

16/02/12 The Little Mango Internet has been converted into a lovely cafe. You can now sit in the air-conditioned atmosphere and drink teas, freshly squeezed juices and a variety of soft drinks. All this while you access the internet! Pop down and say Hi to Ken and the lads.

15/12/02 Due to problems, Banana Bar in Sunee Plaza has closed. We do not know what’s going to happen to the site. As soon as we do we will let you know too!

14/02/12 Yaya Bar in Sunee Plaza is happy to announce two new waiters. They wanted us to pass the news on to you! Mai is 23 years old and Chantaburi. Klao is 24 years old and comes from Korat. (Click on the thumbnail left to see the larger picture of the two lads). Why not pop in and say Hi to the new boys?

14/02/12 The new French restaurant in Sunee Plaza, Le Marina, has opened tonight. Our reviewer popped his head in the door and liked what he saw. Check out what he said here.

08/02/12 I’m delighted to say that after one of the longest closed periods and periods of refurbishment in history, Colonial Bar in Soi V.C. Pattaya is about to open. They now have their license and have confirmed to me they will be opening on Friday (10th) with a soft start and a grand opening party on Friday week (17th). Nice to see the place back open after all this time and look forward to fun and games in there!

02/02/12 Yaya’s bar in Sunee Plaza offers a cocktail of the month. The BEACHCOMBER is the Cocktail of the Month for February 2012.
A delicious blend of Rum, triple sec and lemon.
Now you can be a Beachcomber any day in February for only 90 Baht.

24/01/12 Diamond Bar in Sunee Plaza opened tonight. It has a great bunch of staff and of course our reviewer went there. Read what he says about it here.

17/01/12 There’s a new restaurant opening in Sunee Plaza. It’s on the site of the old Violet House/Enjoy Karaoke. It’s going to be offering an upmarket Thai menu. The lady running it has a long history of running restaurants in the South Pattaya area and should do well! As soon as we know more (such as a name even) we will pass it on. Barring the old Super Queen/Super Boys, this now means everything that can be let in Sunee is actually let and open or due to open soon.

14/01/12 The new massage in Sunee Plaza, All of Me Too, is now open. Their range of massage is a little limited while they recruit more masseurs, but it’s worth popping in to. Read what we said about it here and drop in. At least you can have a drink in the bar downstairs.

13/01/12 There’s a new bar opening in Sunee Plaza. The sign has just gone up on Diamond Bar. At the moment we have no more information on it, but as soon as we know anything (style opening date) we will update you here!

07/01/12 All of Me Too bar in Sunee Plaza is now open as a bar. The massage is expected to open in a few days. It’s a welcome addition to the soi and we wish them well.

05/01/12 There’s work going on in the former Treetz Bar in Sunee Plaza. It’s being converted into a new French Restaurant. The new name will be Le Marina. The expected opening date is early February. We will update you more when we know.

02/01/12  Yaya’s bar in Sunee Plaza offers a cocktail of the month. The EASY LIKE SUNDAY MORNING is the Cocktail of the Month for January 2012.
You know how Sunday mornings tend to be a little relaxed, lazy and slow? Time moving slowly like this boy. Well, this gin based cocktail mixed with pineapple and lemon juice is Easy Like Sunday Morning.
Now you can be Easy Like Sunday Morning any day in January for only 90 Baht.

01/01/12 There’s a new sign gone up in Sunee Plaza. Murphy’s Magic City is a new entertainment bar due to open (we believe) at the start of next month. As soon as we know more we will tell you.

01/01/12 Candy Bar and P Bar in Sunee Plaza are now closed. We have also noticed Dream Club in Soi Day Night has closed too.

26/12/11 Yaya Bar in Sunee Plaza has posted a great video on YouTube and it shows scenes from their Christmas parties. See the evening where they had “photos with Santa” and the 24th Christmas Eve “giving of presents”. There’s plenty of photos of Mister and Mrs Santa and Sar the Elf. Lots of fun. Look here for the full video.

14/12/11 Up 2 U bar in Sunee Plaza has announced its doing a Happy Hour. These special prices apply from 11 pm to 1 am. Check out the poster for all the details.

07/12/11 Three Zone Bar in Sunee Plaza has had a complete makeover and has started serving food. They have a good Thai menu. The prices are right and the food is good. It’s still a very nice beer bar and again have good boys and good prices. The restaurant service opens at 8.00 am and includes several nice English style breakfast starting at just 99B. Our reviewer had the large breakfast at 159B. It was a feast! Read all about his visit here.

02/12/11 Happy BoysHappy boys Soi Yensabai has a Happy Hour from 8pm to 9pm. Buy one customer drink and get a second one of equal value free!

02/12/11 We are delighted to announce after a short closing Stardust in Sunee Plaza is back open again. We wish them lots of luck with their staffing problem.


28/11/11 The New Sawadee Boys in Soi V.C. by the head of the Western (2nd Road) Sunee Plaza Soi has opened.

26/11/11 We have received news from Eros Bar in Sunee Plaza that they are offering a Happy Hour. If you visit their outside terrace between 8pm and 9pm, you can order one drink and get another one the same free! Pop over and try this out! They also have a daily special. The following drinks are available at just 95B each (does not work in conjunction with the Happy Hour offer).

  • Sunday – Chang – 95 Baht
  • Monday – Soft Drink – 70 Baht
  • Tuesday – Gin & tonic – 95 Baht
  • Wednesday – 100 Pipers – 95 Baht
  • Thursday – Leo – 95 Baht
  • Friday – Soft Drink – 70 Baht
  • Saturday – Tiger – 95 Baht

20/11/11 WOO HOO! €uroboy$ in Sunee Plaza has reopened. Our reporter was their first customer when they opened the doors. At the time there were only 5 boys, but 2 more turned up shortly after opening. They are expecting another 6 within 3 days and more after that. It’s for this reason they didn’t advertise the opening and had the softest of soft starts. You can read what our man thought of the place here.

With the announcement of the opening of €uroboy$ comes the details of two special promotions they are offering:
Every day they have a ‘Today´s Special’ for only 99 baht … Drinks bought inside the bar.

  • Monday – Chang
  • Tuesday – Screwdriver
  • Wednesday – Soft drinks
  • Thursday – Gin & Tonic
  • Friday – Chang
  • Saturday – Vodka & Coke
  • Sunday – Soft drinks

They are also having a lucky draw every day at 00.30. All you have to do is save your bin. At 00.30 they put copies of all the day’s bins in a box. One lucky winner is drawn. That bin gets a free off with a boy of their choice!

 19/11/11 Stardust, in Sunee Plaza is currently closed. They are looking for new staff and are waiting to have some major alterations done. At the moment though, the owners are concentrating their efforts elsewhere.

 16/11/11 In what must be the shortest closing on record, Banana Bar in Sunee Plaza has re-opened. In fact it never closed after its ‘farewell’ party. They had the closing down party on the 14th, sold all the furniture, told the boys to get new jobs and sold all the stock. By the following night, the furniture, stock and boys were back and the bar open for business. I said there were other reasons afoot and it appears they were true. Anyway, for now, it’s open again!

15/11/11 Banana Bar in Sunee Plaza, the old Sky Boy bar has closed. The official reason is that the Arabs who have actually owned it for almost a year want it back and are going to open it as part of the Apadana Bar. There are, however other possible reasons, which to quote would only add rumour and speculation, which is not what this website is about. When anything definite is know we will print it here.

Duc's03/11/11 Duc’s Coffee Shop and Bar in Sunee Plaza is having a book sale. Duc has hundreds of books and he is now offering them at 60B each. Buy 5 and get one free. If you’re a reader pop in and browse his stock. Enjoy one of the best cups of coffee in the area while you’re there.

 01/11/11 Yaya’s bar in Sunee Plaza is offering a cocktail of the month. This month’s COCKTAIL OF THE MONTH is The YaYa Banana.  It is a wonderful blend of spiced rum and bananas.  All November featured at 90 Baht.

 30/10/11 The Wild Colonial – latest name for the former Mike’s Bar La Cage in Soi V.C., Pattaya, has given us a projected opening date of November 25th. We wish them luck and look forward to seeing them back open in this prime site.

 Corner Bar27/10/11 The Corner Bar in Sunee Plaza has sold. The new owners are a nice Belgian couple. We wish them well and will report how the new owners change the place. At the moment they say they will keep all the same.

 21/10/11 We have now heard that the previously reported Vitamin Massage in Sunee Plaza will not be opening. Instead it’s going to be Sawatdee, and has a projected opening date of 15th November.

 18/10/11 A new sign has gone up on the single unit which is the right hand part of P Bar in Sunee Plaza. This says “Candy Bar“. P Bar itself has been closed for some time and only seems to open when the owner’s boyfriend is in town. We have no information on “Candy Bar”, but rest assured as soon as it’s open we’ll let you know what it’s about.

 16/10/11 The YaYa Bar boys getting ready for their Halloween Party.  In preparation for the party, they are going to have a contest!
Guess the number of candy corn in the jar and win a 500 baht bar credit at YaYa Bar, Sunee Plaza. Just stop by anytime between now and 31 October , complete the entry form (no purchase necessary) and take a guess. There will be four prizes given away. Entries with the correct number (or the closest without going over) will be placed in the jack-o-lantern for the prize drawing. Winners will be announced at midnight at the Halloween Party, 31 October. You do not have to be present to win. One prize awarded per person.

 13/10/11 We have heard from €uroboy$ in Sunee Plaza the following news: “Because of the flooding up north we are not able to get our staff here on time. There will be a delay for a few weeks. And also it is becasue of all heavy rain in Pattaya that we want to wait a few weeks.” They are now talking about November 5th, but this has not been confirmed.

05/10/11 The Corner Bar in Sunee Plaza has been up for sale for family reasons for a couple of months. However now the owners have set a date to return to America. They will depart by December 5th. So the bar has to be sold by then, or it will close. If you are interested in making an offer, please contact them directly or contact us and we will pass it on.


03/10/11 Yaya’s bar in Sunee Plaza is offering a cocktail of the month for October. The Mai Tai has been one of their most popular Cocktails of the Month. They think this one will be just as popular. A great tasting Mai Tai made with fresh watermelon. Featured all month at 90 baht.

They are also advertising the fact that Bas – one of their long term waiters is back. Described as “the boy who always laughs and smiles, pop in and meet him!

 28/09/11 The new campaign from the Krazy Dragon has been such a success, they have decided to extend it to the end of October! The bar is now fully open and operational from 8.30. To welcome you in they are offering ALL drinks (customers and boys) at just 80B from 8.30 to 9.00 as a nice way of saying “Hi” to you early in the evening. This offer is for a limited time, so if you fancy checking out the Number One Table Top Bar in Pattaya, drop in soon.

 25/09/11 Following the meeting of the management and bar owners in Sunee Plaza, we can confirm that the management has erected security barriers on the three entrances to the Plaza itself. These are due to be closed at 8pm (we think) until the wee small hours of the morning. It is intended to control access by vehicles, and we’re not sure what the effect will be for pedestrians, Thai or farang.
As soon as we know for definite we will report here. But we don’t expect any problems for tourist or ex-pat visitors. The whole scheme is on a trial basis and will be reviewed in a couple of months. Watch this space for updates!

25/09/11 Le Bouchon Thai has started doing daily specials. A three course set meal for around 500B. Check out their board out front. I just wonder what a Pongasus Steak is? There’s a prize for the first correct answer!

25/09/11 Twoguys Guesthouse has confirmed with us a great discount offer on their rooms. If you book early (more than two months in advance) then they will offer a 50B per night discount. This will apply right through high season. Don’t become a late bird, or look for last minute offers as they a frequently full. So if you’re thinking of staying there this high season, book now!

 25/09/11 Uniform Bar in Sunee Plaza has been sold. It will be closed for a bit for renovation work, and then re-open as All of Me Massage. We welcome the All of Me team to their second venue in Sunee and wish them well for the future. Of course we’ll watch this development and let you know when it’s open.

 16/09/11 Le Bouchon Thai opened this evening with a tiny fanfare and a pop of a champagne cork. You can read our report on this brand new venue here. It is next door to the swimming pool in Sunee Plaza. It serves European and Thai food, with a slant towards French cooking; as well as offering bar service and Tapas style snacks.

 05/09/11 The boys at Stardust in Sunee Plaza have started doing snacks and a nice menu. They do great meals on Wednesdays and Sundays. Pop in and chat to them to find out their next menu.

 31/08/11 La Cage in Soi VC (near Sunee Plaza) has been closed for a little time. We can now confirm the new name will be the Wild Colonial. It will be an Irish themed bar. They have a honky tonk piano and a pool table, and are looking to offer Irish hospitality, to go with the green décor. More news including an opening date when we have it.

23/08/11 Krazy Dragon have just posted their first Pajama Party video on YouTube. You can click here for the link or look below!

02/08/11 Stardust had an impromptu party last night and have added a YouTube video of some of the fun and games. There’s always fun at this bar. Why not pop in and make some yourself?

30/07/11 We now have a confirmed date of 20/10/11 when €UROBOY$ entertainment bar will reopen in Sunee Plaza. It will be nice to see this place back open again and we’re counting down the days until it’s here! It is currently undergoing a major refit and it will be fresh and appealing when it re-opens.

27/07/11 Krazy Dragon has added a video of Beer’s Birthday Party on YouTube. Enjoy this sexy lad dancing!

17/07/11 Sky Restaurant in Sunee Plaza, Pattaya has started a new website. It’s only under construction at the moment, but it’s starting to look good. You can see it here.

14/07/11 Banana bar in Sunee Plaza has opened in the former Sky Boy Bar. Recently taken over by Joe, the old manager of Mike’s Bar La Cage. He has repainted it and brightened it up. It’s now friendly and welcoming.

08/07/11 Stardust has opened in the former Wonderland/Cocktail/Topman site in Sunee Plaza, Pattaya. We were there on the opening night and have reviewed it for you here.

06/07/11 A new bar and massage place is to open in Soi V.C. Pattaya Called Vitamin, it will be run by the same people as Mic My Bar. The expected opening is about 2 months time.

04/07/11 As widely predicted, La Cage (Soi V.C. Pattaya) has closed and been sold. We have spoken to the new owners who have confirmed they will be keeping the La Cage name. It will stay closed for around 2 months while they carry out renovations. As soon as we have details of an opening date we will let you know. We wish them good luck in their new venture!

20/06/11 What Else Bar in Sunee Plaza Pattaya has closed. The space has been taken by P Bar next door who have expanded into a double width unit.

20/06/11 John at Twoguys Guesthouse is offering a special “Book three nights and get a 4th one free” deal for the low season. As places are limited, get in quick before it gets fully booked!

19/06/11 All of Me has just re-opened after a second closure for refurbishment. It’s now looking really trendy and sexy. The transformation is really good and you will find it a different looking place. Pop in and see what Boy has done with it!

17/06/11 Volterra Restaurant has a new website – it gives a great idea what they sell. Click here for the new site.

07/06/11 Mike from La Cage (Soi V.C.) has decided to leave Pattaya. He has left the bar in the hands of his manager, Joe. We all join to wish Mike good luck for the future, in whatever he decides to do.

19/05/11 Monty has returned to Sunee. He has bought the bar in the small soi off soi V.C. 50 yards away from Sunee itself. It is called Monty’s Café Bar. The downstairs opens today and is a café and bar. The aim (in a few days) is to open for breakfast and then right through. Right now it’s afternoon onwards. The upstairs is going to be a computer hook-up bar with disco lighting and quiet music (both Thai and Western). Computers will be provided where boys and farangs can get together. Our full review is online here.

17/05/11 YAYA LAUNDRY EXPRESSYaya the beer bar in Sunee Plaza, Pattaya has expanded into the laundry business. On the 17th of May, the Yaya Laundry Express opened its doors. They are located on Soi VC opposite Ben Mansion. Stop by and let them wash your dirty laundry.

15/03/11 SKY BOYS has been sold. There are various reports of to whom, and it’s not 100% clear, but as soon as we know what’s happening to it we will report here.

sky01/03/11 SKY RESTAURANT is open in the former Villa Rouge. Operated by the former owner of Treetz Bar, it will serve French food. It has a bright modern look, while retaining some of the features of the old bar. A good addition to the soi! Treetz Bar has closed.