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mo207/05/16 There has been some consolidation in the Paradise Complex of Phuket. All the Tangmo outlets have been absorbed into the former Newspaper Restaurant. It has now opened as MO2, offering dinner, show, gogo, bar and massage. Not much missing really!

23/11/15 We have received a number of updates from Phuket. We would thank Sundowners for their help in keeping us updated. For more information on them please see
Boy’s Room – Closed (now houses Tangmo’s Karaoke)
Club Love – now known as Tangmos, Tangmo has moved both her shows/gogo boys
Chic Bar – no longer in name, now part of Zag Club
Good Time Bar & Restaurant Rawaii – I believe this has now closed
Show Bars
Kiss – closed (whether they re-open remains to be seen)
Club Love – closed (as per above)
My Way – renamed Yes (My Way shows are now performed in Zag)
Jochems – closed (death of owner)
Puerta Del Sol – closed
Sundowners Bar – The membership card is accepted at both both Telephone Bar and Balcony Bangkok. Telephone Bar & Balcony Membership cards accepted at Sundowners.
Mein Schatz – closed
Spartacus – they have no boys at the moment??!!

20/08/15 We just received this update notice from Phuket: Just an update message for your site. Yes! Bar paradise complex has undergone renovations from the start of this month for the next couple months and in the mean time all the boys from Yes! are working at My Way.

12/06/15 We have received this news about Kiss Bar on Phuket. “Please note KISS BAR in Patong, Phuket, no longer have a show. Latest news as far as I know it is that Kiss Bar is definitely remaining open and running as a disco bar for at least the duration of this low season. Due to the current low numbers of tourists they cannot afford to employ a full show crew every night. The shows may be back at Kiss Bar later in the year, but for the time being patrons can enjoy music, dancing and drinks service….. and if you really can’t live without the shows, some of the crew are appearing at other venues in Paradise and beyond….”

13/05/13 Sad to announce our friends at the Backstage in the Paradise Complex, Phuket have closed as of today. This is due to a variety of reasons, but mainly due to staffing problems. We want to publicly thank Rob for all the help he has given us at Nicky’s and hope he manages to find a new location and re-open soon.

kiss130410110/04/13 Kiss is back!!! It had its grand opening today in the Paradise Complex with a bang and a flourish of trumpets and a show-stopper of a show in the soi. The party went on late into the night! Now there are two new (or re-invented) bars in the soi. Kiss joins Zag and between them they have moved the late night entertainment up a notch!

kiss06/04/13 Kiss is back in Paradise. They had a soft opening today with shows and the whole schmozzle! Nice to see them back!

pplogo04/04/13 PHUKET PRIDE has released its full program and a detailed Press release concerning all their events. We have added three new pages to the Phuket website to cover this. ( But in brief, the details are Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th April. All the everything is on their website at

zag621/03/13 Zag in Phuket is looking like an interesting place. They had a soft opening last night with some really sexy dancers in the soi. I’ve heard the dance floor is scarcely lit (if at all). I’d like to spend some time with those dancers on a dark dance floor! Check out for some piccies!!

zag18/03/13 More news from Phuket. The Hiranyikara Spa in Kathu has been sold and is no longer gay. The new name for the bar in the former Kiss Club in the Paradise complex is “Zag” and it is expected to open on the 20th. I’ve heard “As a banner which was hanging on the former Kiss location said: A new boy on the block, ZAG Club opens here soon! Well from this coming Wednesday ZAG will start operating whit a soft opening to have its grand opening on this Saturday the 23d of March (see the copy of the invite!) ” Kiss itself, is expected to open in the former Sundowner’s Lounge on the 29th.

boatbar-happya18/03/13 The Boat Bar in Phuket now has a daily Happy Hour. Every day from 9pm to midnight, Beer 80B, Mixers 100B, Cocktails 150B. Enjoy!

08/03/13 More news from Phuket. Sundowners Lounge closed on the 5th March.  The Bistro has been renamed, (Sundowners) Bistro and Lounge.  New pics will be forwarded once we have finished the renovation and the new furniture is in place.  It’s starting to look good, I have high hopes especially with My Way and the new Kiss being opposite.  Kiss hopes to open 1 April.  The old Kiss is being renovated, opening as a Disco within the next couple of weeks. Name to follow

31/01/13 News from Phuket. Our friends at Backstage have sent us the following update:
“As far my knowledge goes right now:
Location KISS closed on 29/1 BUT KISS hopes to reopen in 2 months time, latest for Gay Pride/Sonkran at new location! New users of that location: unknown respectively not found yet!
Sundowners Lounge ( former Orchid Lounge) will close down anytime soon! New occupants of that location: KISS !
BTW Heaven Bar is back to its old location but with the bar -side now on main walkway ( former Temptasian respective pooltable Heaven)
Former Flying Handbag , now also former Heaven bar is un occupied! The owners (Connect) are expected to start run that location themselfs but “what” yet unknown.
More changes upcomming but let you know when know;-)”

Shows you just what can happen if you nap for a week …

23/11/12 CC Bloom’s Hotel has been transformed into CC’s Hideaway, a 42 room luxury full service hotel nestled in the lush hills overlooking the Andaman Sea. Under the same management and ownership, CC’s Hideaway, completely recreated and transformed with improved facilities to offer more amenities and services.  For their full press release and party notice see

21/11/12 The Boat Bar in Patong, Phuket has opened a new website. It’s very new and shiny and you can see it here –

02/10/12 There’s a new gay bar/restaurant in Phuket Town. The Khomfire Bar is part of the HiSo building. They are putting on special gay parties on Sunday nights and as soon as we see the posters we will post them here. If you’re in Phuket town, check them out.

30/08/12 We have heard from our friends in Phuket that Superboys has closed. This appears to be due to a lack of customers, a fact that we can bear out during our visits there. It was Phuket’s oldest entertainment bar and had been open at least 20 years. Our friend asked, “Who will be next?”

23/08/12 It’s all happening in Phuket – we’ve a new blog post called “3 closed, one open and a special offer in Phuket!“. Putting it briefly, the closures are James Dean Bar & Restaurant in Likit Plaza, Temptasian in Paradise Complex and Jan Bar & Restaurant in Paradise Complex. The 2 Hands Massage is open and there’s a full review of our visit there. Finally, there are special offers from Sundowners on the post. If you’re thinking of going to Phuket – don’t miss this.

31/07/12 Our sister sites of the Hotmale variety ( and are proud to roll out a new Thailand Hotmale site. has been launched today. You can read all about it on our blog review here –

28/07/12 The Amethyst Hotel on Phuket has now closed. We have taken it off our listings. To compensate there’s a new hotel with a great write up. Read about the Tropical Inn on our web page and a special entry in our Blog here –

29/06/12 Jochen’s Guesthouse in Patong has made some exclusive offers to readers of Nicky’s website for people staying between 1st July and 31st October. You can read all the details on our blog here –

29/06/12 The Sundowners group in the Paradise centre are offering the following:
Bistro  –    8:00 pm Friday BBQ  Cooked to order  THB 200  Free Side salad
Chang – Promotion – Tower  THB 310 – Litre Jug  –  THB 110 – Glass  –  THB 45
Chang promotion available in the Sundowners Bar, Sundowners Lounge and Bistro Restaurant

25/06/12 There’s a new style of show at the Tangmo Bar in the Paradise Complex, Phuket. We went there and you can read what our reporter said here – I guess it would be best to describe his as having “mixed feelings”

09/06/12 Adonis Guesthouse in Phuket is offering a special low-season deal. Check out the banner on the side and click to see full size version. Basically they are offering from 1st June to 30th September; Deluxe Double rooms reduced from 750B to 600B per night. Book for 14 nights and get 10% EXTRA discount. Just put “low season promotional offer” in the special requirements box when you book. At this price we are tempted to try it out ourselves!

09/06/12 Backstage in Phuket has some new staff they’d like to share this with us! We wish them all luck and hope you’ll drop in to see them. You can read about them here –


23/05/12 Our new Property Website – is now live. We have two properties we’d like to draw your attention to in Sunee Plaza, Pattaya.

The Former Euroboys is for sale at just 500,000B. You can read all the details here –

There is also an very reasonably priced apartment block. Already popular with sitting tenants at the corner of Sunee Plaza and Soi Yensabai. Read about that here.

If you’re interested in either place, the contact details are on the web page and please mention you saw it on Nicky’s Properties if you make contact with them.

09/05/12 Mister Gay Phuket. We have been given a nice report by Marcus from Fong Kaew, which organised this event. We don’t normally carry reviews of events, but this one was special! We thought you’d like to read it.
“It was a very big success. It was the highlight of the week of gay pride. On the first day we had 37 candidates who were all trying to get through to the final 12. The vast number of people who came to see the contest made the gay street completely full of people. A huge crowd gathered.
The staff from Fong Kaew were selling stickers shaped like a heart and they were selling paper hangers for Mister Popular. The next day they sold them again and from selling these items they collected the sum of 125.000B that will be donated to HIV projects. It is the first time that they have collected so much money to give to a HIV charity in the Paradise Complex.
The next day they judged the winners. Mister Popular was awarded 5.000B, the 3rd prize – 5,000B went to a boy from Phuket. The 2nd prize went to the same boy who won Mister Popular. He works in a bistro in Patong. The winner was chosen not only because he is handsome but also he had a good spirit being gay. He is the top dancer in Simon Cabaret in Phuket town. There were so many people in the soi it was sometimes hard to see what was happening.
However the reactions after the contest were fantastic. The Phuket Gazette wrote a small story praising it. It will also appear in many gay magazines around the world.
Marcus, the owner of Fong Kaew, which organised the event said “That why I am so proud 🙂 With 125.000B that we donated to HIV projects. It cant be a bigger success then this for the first time we did this.”
For lots more photos from this event click here.

04/05/12 There have been a whole shed full of photos posted on facebook about the Pride Parade in Phuket 10 days ago. You can see them all here. (I hope doesn’t mind me stealing one for this article!) It looks as if it was a great day. It was a shame about the Tsunami warning that scared off many of the Thai visitors and boys, but they still had a wonderful time. Maybe next year we will get there in person. The dates of next year’s Pride are 22 – 27 April 2013. We have added some of them to a new page on our Phuket website – check them out here –

30/04/12 When we went to Phuket (March) there was a new bar just opened in the main Paradise Complex soi. It’s name has been confirmed as “Boy’s Room” and we have give it its own entry on the Phuket website. Read a little about it here.

04/04/12 We’ve found a new gay travel agent in Phuket. They’re very helpful. You can read about Beocute on our Phuket site. Certainly next time we go to Phuket (and that will be soon) we’ll be looking into them!

02/04/12 V Sawana Bar in Rawai, Phuket has closed. Shame to see this go, it looked like it should have been good.

19/03/12 The official Phuket Pride website has been completely rebuilt and now shows details of what’s happening on each day. To see the calendar click here. You can download pdf files of the daily events from the site from here


19/03/12 After our visit to Phuket, we have completely revised There were a couple of places that we had included that had closed, a few that we had missed and we have taken all new photos and written new reports. Go along and have a read! it’s current, as near complete as we can get it and gives the Nicky “touch” to the Island of Phuket. The quickest of summaries – we loved it and will be back soon!

05/03/12 Every Saturday, Neramit Hill and Backstage are putting on a Pool Party. It’s a lot of fun as you can see here – Go on – give it a try if you’re in Phuket!



WHOO HOO! After too long a wait, we have finally finished work on Nicky’s final website. has been completed and PLEASE go along and have a look at it! There’s a special section on Phuket Pride as well as the usual directory listings, a completely new map of the Paradise Complex, and all our usual features. We’re working in conjunction with a nice man at Backstage Purple, who has supplied a lot of the information for the area. Thanks!

So now the Nicky’s sites are complete. We’ve covered Pattaya, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and Phuket, with a page on other venues we know about in the rest of Thailand.

I hope these sites prove useful to you

nicky sig

 05/03/12 There’s a new guesthouse on Phuket that’s been opened by a friend of our. The Phuket Gay Homestay is a new concept to us but is getting good reviews. They had a wonderful opening night pool party which you can see the pictures of here. It’s well worth checking out if you’re going to the island. You can read our report and get links to their website here.

03/03/12 The official Phuket Pride website ( has updated its events page with some more and new events. We’ve copied it on to the page here, but PLEASE check it out! The party just keeps getting bigger and better. There’s going to be one really terrific week and it would be a shame to miss it if you don’t have to.

15/02/12 NEW SITE OPEN!

WHOO HOO! After too long a wait, we have finally finished work on Nicky’s final website. has been completed and PLEASE go along and have a look at it! There’s a special section on Phuket Pride as well as the usual directory listings, a completely new map of the Paradise Complex, and all our usual features. We’re working in conjunction with a nice man at Backstage Purple, who has supplied a lot of the information for the area. Thanks!

So now the Nicky’s sites are complete. We’ve covered Pattaya, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and Phuket, with a page on other venues we know about in the rest of Thailand.

I hope these sites prove useful to you

11/01/12 The Gay Day Tour has been re-started on Phuket. It leaves from Connect Guesthouse and goes to Koh Yao Yai for a day of fun and frolics. The cost is just 1950B. For more information contact Connect

15/10/11 MANY CONGRATULATIONS to the Phuket Gay Volleyball team who have returned from the Straits games in KL with the gold medal. Their efforts have been widely praised. Next year Phuket holds the Straits games in October and we will carry news of that! For all the details

26/07/11 FLASH NEWS: PHUKET PRIDE 2012: LAST SATURDAY APRIL, 27 & 28 APRIL: OFFICIAL OPENING PARTY & PARADE! OTHER PRIDE EVENTS BETWEEN 23RD AND 27TH APRIL!!! Today a meeting took place of all parties involved so far and in cooperation with the Municipality of Patong, the dates were set for the Pride 2012 AND it was decided that these dates would also be followed for the upcoming years! The Mayor of Patong will be the official President of the Phuket Pride. More details will come out in the next weeks and months!