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theatro20/09/16 Teatro Cabaret in Jomtien has opened. Our reporter gave it 4 out of 5. Read more of his review here.

angel-boys09/08/16 Replacing The Loft in the Jomtien Complex, Angel Boys is now open. It’s another bar in a long line of bars. Will it last longer than its predecessor? Time will tell.

27/06/16 East Tapas in the Jomtien Complex has closed. The hotel above is still open.

3b-bar28/05/16 The latest addition has squeezed its way into the packed main street of the Jomtien Complex. Welcome the 3B Bar, selling Belgium Beers. We wish it well.

cocka216042629/04/16 The long-awaited Cocka2 Bar in the Jomtien Complex is now open. This bar has enthusiastic boys and staff, who understand the value of promotion and are doing their best to make the place a success. If they continue as they’ve started they will do very well indeed.

man160415(3)15/04/16 Man Bar in Jomtien Complex opened with a nice party. You can read about the party here – and the bar here –


08/04/16 Tommy’s Bar opened, as predicted, in the lower part of the Jomtien Complex. It was a grand event, and the bar got off to a good start. Read about the place here.

05/04/16 Just heard that Tam Teng in the Jomtien Complex has closed. It will soon re-open as Tommy’s Bar. Watch this space for news of the opening and a photo.

21/03/16 Sam’s Mexican in the Jomtien Complex has gone. There are rumours what will happen to the site, and we’ll keep an eye on it. As soon as we know, you’ll know!

mixer-show21/03/16 Mixer Bar, newly opened in the Jomtien Complex has started advertising a Drag Show at 10.30 on Saturday evenings. Next time we’re in the area at the right time, we will review it. If you’re there before us, please let us know what you think.

loft16/02/16 Two new bars have opened in the main Soi in Jomtien Complex. The Loft is where L’Arc Restaurant used to be and Elysium is directly opposite. Jomtien really needs two more bars and these tick all the boxes – boys, drinks, loud music for parties …

L'Olivier11/10/16 L’Olivier Restaurant in Jomtien Complex has reopened. Directly from the new owner: “The restaurant is newly open, we go back to his successful original concept. L’Olivier is mainly a French fine dinning restaurant with French Provençal cooking. We can cook also tasty Thai food and rare Vietnamese dishes in a ”French”atmosphere”.
Day after day we are going to improve the quality of this restaurant.”

agate10/01/16 The hotel at the join of the two Jomtien Complex sois, which has been under construction for some time, has now opened. The Agate is neither gay owned, nor gay managed, but is extremely gay friendly and goes out of its way to welcome gay people. Due to its location we decided to list it. Its position in the heart of the complex close to the party, but just out of earshot of the music, makes it well worth a mention. For all their details see

mixer10/01/16 Updates for Jomtien! One closure – L’Arc Restaurant has shut its doors and is for sale. One opening – Mixer Bar, next to Boy Gaga has opened. One new listing. Soda Massage has now firmly gone gay, and so we’ve listed it. Check out the two new listings by clicking their links.

14/12/15 The Room Club on Dong Tang Beach, Jomtien has now closed.Their other location in the Grand Condotel has also closed.

19/10/15 The Bondi Bar in Jomtien has closed. It is unlikely to open again soon. We will watch the site and report back if there is any change.

siamhouse2228/09/15 Siam House in Jomtien has announced a very special set of rates for October.
Superior rooms (with balcony or private courtyard):
Daily rate (1-27 nights) 500 baht per night
Monthly rate (28 days or more) 350 baht per night.
Check out their website for details –

yourbar01/09/15 There’s another new bar on the main Jomtien Drag. Your Bar joins the long line. Let’s see how it develops and what it offers.

letsenjoy20/08/15 The Pink Car in Jomtien has gone on its travels and has been replaced by a new bar called Let’s Enjoy. As long as Jomtien does well, this should flourish.

bondi-150913/07/15 The Bondi on Dong Tang Beach, Jomtien, has a wonderful special for September. Book a room for 800B and get a voucher for 800B free from their bar and restaurant. In other words, eat and drink free while you stay. Only for September!

30/04/15 A tad late (with apologies). The Sea Falcon on Jomtien Dong Tang Beach closed at the end of March. The site is being renovated and a new place is promised, but there is no indication of how gay or gay friendly it will be, so for now we have delisted it.

athome26/04/15 Four changes to note in Jomtien.
The Wine Cellar” at Poseidon has changed owners and become Poseidon’s Wine Cellar.
Cafe Europa has changed to New Life, and now offers rooms for rent.
Oh! Yes, on the Poseidon Bridge, has changed to The Pine. They now offer yummy food.
There’s a new bar near the Venue. @ Home is welcoming and worth a look in.

 siamhouse2202/04/15 Siam House in Jomtien has announced its low season monthly rates. They are very favourable starting at just 425B per night for stays of 28 days or more. Check out their website for details –

boygaga01/11/14 There’s a change in the Jomtien Complex. X Men has closed and been replaced by Boy Gaga. It’s just as nice, and a great place to visit. Try it.

sun03/07/14 There’s a raft of changes in the Jomtien area since our last report. First the bad news. Gone appear to be Top 2 Bottom Salon, Choc Dee, Claudios, L’Olivier (temporary) and Mignon (changed hands, been renamed and we have taken this opportunity to delist it). In their place we can report two openings and a promised rebirth. The Sun is a new beer bar down the bottom end of the Venue soi and opposite is Cafe Europa. L’Olivier is set to reopen (ostensibly on July 4th but no sign of that date being met) as Cafe Indochine. More when we know it!

siamhouse2214/06/14 We have three very special guesthouse promotions to bring to your attention if you are interested in staying in Pattaya.

In the Jomtien Complex, Siam House are offering special rates on their superior rooms for the rest of June and July. Check out here.

In Soi Day Night, Baan Dok Mai has two specials for July through September – free breakfast and a pick up from the airport (if you stay 7 nights). This offer is here.

Finally Two Guys Guesthouse near Sunee Plaza is offering a “Stay 4 nights and get the 5th as a bonus, Breakfast (Choice of 7) is included with all rooms.” deal. Details are here.

Now there’s a good reason to visit the L.O.S…

danicola19/05/14 Da Nicola Pizzeria has opened in the Jomtien Complex. In addition to pizza, they offer pasta and Thai food as well as a full service bar and large size pool table. Check them out here.

16/03/14 Papa David’s restaurant in Jomtien changed owners some time ago, and became less gay friendly than before. Now it has closed. We are not sure if this is permanent or temporary, but we’re taking the opportunity to delist it.

oh-yes08/03/14 Talk about turn round and you miss all the changes … there’s been a lot happening in the Jomtien Complex recently.
Sam’s Mexican has moved to the other side of the Soi, next to Siam House.
Derby Men’s Club has closed and there’s no news of what’s happening to the building
But more importantly there are three new bars opened:
Big Kiss Bar is in the old Sam’s and has friendly staff and bright décor.
Oh! Yes “Sky High Beer Bar” has opened on the walkway outside Poseidon.
There’s a new beer bar under the Car Park. Impressive has friendly owners and a cute cocktail bar on the side called Blue Hawaii.
If you have visited any of these places and have anything to offer, please let us know.

tam-teng26/10/13 There’s going to be a new bar in the former Duo House in the Jomtien Complex. The signs have gone up on Tam Teng and the opening is imminent. As soon as it’s ready we will report more!

wine-cellar-sign14/10/13 The Bistro Oscar in the Jomtien Complex has closed. In it’s place will be a new restaurant called The Wine Cellar (the sign has just gone up but it’s not open yet). Owned by the same person as the Poseidon, we wish them well. We will report more when it is open.

bc14/10/13 There’s a new bar open in the Jomtien Complex. B.C. Bar has opened and has some nice waiters. It’s plain décor allows you to concentrate on the matter in hand – chatting up the staff and enjoying your drink.

05/10/13 We have received an email from the former owner of the Duo House in the Jomtien Complex. He has sold the place and the new owner has new plans for it. Apparently they are converting it into a bar and guesthouse. For now however, it is closed. When it opens again we will let you know.

4T(5)19/09/13 There’s a new bar next to the Pattaya Hotmale Office in Jomtien. 4T has opened and is already gaining a loyal clientèle. Our entry is here.

13/09/13 Zen Bar in the Jomtien Complex appears to close and open for prolonged periods when it feels like it. Currently it is closed, but we are expecting it to reopen for the high season.

yupins05/07/13 There’s a new restaurant opened in the Jomtien Complex. Yupin’s has opened where the old Oley’s was, next to the Hotmale Office. We’re getting good reports about it. Check our entry here.

siam-house-site10/06/13 Siam House in Jomtien is having a blitz on their prices for June. Standard rooms 500B per night with discounts for longer stays of 7 nights or more. Superior rooms 600B again with discounts for longer stays. Details on their site – click here

07/06/13 P2 in the Jomtien Complex has closed. All the furniture was removed today. At the moment we don’t know what’s happening with the site, but we will let you know.

pourhouse13041807/04/13 From the Pour House in the Jomtien Complex – The annual water celebration is upon us and The Pour House wishes you a safe and happy Songkran!  In order for you to keep your wallet, cellphone, passport  etc. dry during the deluge, we are offering Free Ziplock Bags for your valuables! Simply drop by our bar starting April 10th and ask for your free “Songkran Safety” bag. No purchase necessary, Limit one per customer. While supplies last.

T2B311/03/13 There’s a new hair salon in the Jomtien Complex that’s getting rave reviews. Top 2 Bottom is run by a nice couple of gay lads, and they are getting great reviews. Read all about them here.

easttapas130304(1)09/03/13 The East Tapas Restaurant in the Jomtien Complex has started an “all you can eat” Tapas buffet on Monday nights. Priced at 390B, it represents great value for very sophisticated and delicious food. Read what one diner thought of it here –

pourhouse13020303/02/13 From the Pour House in Jomtien – “Many people take their pool playing seriously. As a result they’ve just upgraded from our 6 foot Pool Table to an 8 Foot Competition size table! The table was delivered and set up today (Saturday  Feb 2). If Pool is your game, come on down and check it out!”

daclaudio13011618/01/13 Every Wednesday At Da Claudio’s Restaurant in the Jomtien Complex, there will be a classical performance by Ronald Willemsen. This multiple course surprise is just 500B with a proportion given to charity. Starts 8pm

pour house10/01/13 The Pour House in Jomtien has just written to us to tell us the following: “Wanted to let you know we now have FREE WIFI available for our customers. Just ask our friendly staff for log-in information.Additionally, I need to send you a corrected website address. We are now online at“. These are simple two more reasons to go there!

samssign24/12/12 Sam’s Mexican and American Grill has opened in the complex itself. It’s opposite Olivier’s restaurant and next door to the Pink Car. Should do well here …

pinkcar12122424/12/12 The Pink Car at the start of the Jomtien Complex has moved! It’s now about 50m further into the complex, opposite Olivier’s restaurant. The new location gives them more room and they have access to the inside of a building for facilities.

13/12/12 We have had it confirmed today by the new owner of Orchid Guesthouse in Jomtien that the new management is seeking a straight clientèle and not actively or exclusively looking for gay customers. Accordingly we have de-listed it.

22/11/12 Iluka has changed its name and branding. They are now going to be called Siam House. They will have a new website – and a new image. However they are at pains to tell us the management, service and style that their customers have got used to will remain the same.

05/11/12 We are sorry to report the closure of Hideaway in the Jomtien Complex. When we know what’s happening with the building we will pass it on.

24/10/12 Iluka Residence in Jomtien is offering some specials for November and advance notice of next year’s specials too! See their “Specials” page on their website –

02/10/12 Zen Cocktail bar has re-opened in the Jomtien Complex. They didn’t manage to sell it and they have decided to give it another go for the high season.

24/09/12 New from the Jomtien Complex. Alas the Aquarius Restaurant is now closed and up for sale. For further details see the phone number on the attached photo. (as always, click the thumbnail for a full sized image).

17/09/12Iulka Residence in Jomtien is making a last-minute offer for new bookings for guests before the end of September. Until the end of September, Iluka is offering a special deal for short term stays. Get 1 night free for every 2 nights that you buy.

09/08/12 At the Iluka Residence, They have just decided to offer an almost unbeatable monthly rate (until 31st October). For this period, you can get rooms at the following rate: Standard room 300 baht/night – Superior room 350 baht/night – Deluxe room 400 baht/night – Two-room suite 450 baht/night (subject to availability and for bookings for 28 consecutive nights minimum). You can read all about the guesthouse on their website here –

02/07/12 The low season strikes again in Pattaya.
In Sunee Plaza, the Corner Bar is shuttered but the illuminated sign is still on. The word says it’s closed for anywhere between a few days and a month. There is however a “For Sale” sign on the outside.We’ve heard that 800k will get you the place – they are talking offers too.
In Jomtien, Aquarius was rumoured to be closed/closing on July 1st. Indeed it was closed on the 1st. However on the 2nd, the tables were all laid and it appears to be back open again. More to follow …
In Soi Day Night, the Dolphin Restaurant has gone. It appears to have been converted into a reception area for the T.B. Mansions above it.

01/07/12 The small Thai kitchen from the front of the Hotmale Information centre in the Jomtien Complex has closed. The lady running it has moved on to other things. There’s minus’s and pluses for this – we’ve lost a great place to eat cheaply, but at least you can now visit Mike without your nose being burned out by the frying chilli!

09/06/12 Alas there are two closures to report. Zen Cocktail Bar in the Jomtien Complex is closed and has a “For sale” sign up on it. Thong Bar in Boyztown also has closed and put a “For Rent” sign on the door.

23/05/12 Our new Property Website – is now live. We have two properties we’d like to draw your attention to in Sunee Plaza.

The Former Euroboys is for sale at just 500,000B. You can read all the details here –

There is also an very reasonably priced apartment block. Already popular with sitting tenants at the corner of Sunee Plaza and Soi Yensabai. Read about that here.

If you’re interested in either place, the contact details are on the web page and please mention you saw it on Nicky’s Properties if you make contact with them.

05/03/12 We’ve heard about a well-established place to stay at the Three Elephants Bungalow Park. It appears to be gay-friendly rather than specifically gay, but they’re getting good reviews and it looks nice. Our reviewer has been there and was very impressed.  If you fancy a little exclusive luxury, then consider the Three Elephants. In the meantime you can read about it here.

01/03/12 Every Thursday they are having a Cocktail Party at the Bondi Beach, courtesy of Flossie. You can try her Cocktails – Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Mai Tais and many more. They also have Live music and boys to entertain you. Go along and give them a try!

13/02/12 There’s a new gay guesthouse in Jomtien. It’s in the small soi that joins Thappraya Road with the gay beach road – the one with Chok Dee and D.D. Inn. This guesthouse is called Good Buddies Inn and is friendly and welcoming. You can read what we thought about it here. It’s only got 4 rooms, so if you’re thinking of booking, do it now!

07/02/12 Poseidon Hotel in Jomtien has released it’s special Summer 2012 offer. It’s a great deal for people thinking of spending a long time here during the Summer months. It runs for bookings from 1st May to 15th October. You can read all about it here –

26/01/12 There are a couple of changes in the Jomtien Complex. Question Mark Bar is closed for renovations at the moment. It is expected to open again on February 14th. AQ boys has closed and there’s a sign up saying its for sale.

01/10/11 Zen Cocktail lounge opened in the Jomtien complex tonight. It’s looking good. Click here to read our report of it!

 30/09/11 A.Q. Boys has opened in Jomtien Complex with a grand opening party. They should do well if this is a sign of things to come!

 27/09/11 Two new bits of news from the Pour House in Jomtien Complex. Their regular music slot has moved forward an hour and now is from 7pm to 9pm. Second they have started a wonderful new website on Check it out and catch up on their news!

21/09/11 The Pig & Whistle has arrived in Jomtien. It opened last night and our reporter was there. See what he thought here.

 18/09/11 Iluka Residence in the Jomtien Complex has an offer on where any guests staying will be offered an exclusive package of discount vouchers for restaurants, bars and other service providers. You can save hundreds or even thousands of baht by using these vouchers!

11/09/11 The Venue in Jomtien has started a Happy hour. From 4 pm to 8 pm they are offering a “buy one get one free” on their drinks (not including cocktails.)

09/09/11 A brand new branch of the Thonglor Clinic has opened in the Jomtien end of the Thappraya Road near Brunos. They are going all out to cater for the gay market, and offer treatments aimed at Thais as well as Westerners, so both you and your loved one can visit.

29/08/11 The new Pig & Whistle, Jomtien, with it’s “Jimmy White Snooker Lounge” is getting ready to open. We went to see it today and it’s well on the way. The grand opening date is the 13th September. It’s in the Thappraya Road, just 4 doors towards the beach from the second Jomtien Complex opening.

16/08/11 Poseidon Boutique Guesthouse in Jomtien Complex has agreed to offer a special deal to anyone who books and says it’s through Nicky’s site. If you’re thinking of visiting Pattaya, make sure you check out their website here – – and if you book say you saw it on Nicky’s …

05/08/11 Sugar and Spice in the Jomtien Complex, which we reported had closed some time ago is now back open. However it’s reopened as a girly bar and not gay at all. Should this change we will let you know.

04/08/11 The Pour House in the Jomtien Complex now has nightly live music. Their resident musician, Pole Panta, will now be performing nightly from 8pm – 10pm! Come out and hear one of Pattaya’s best vocalist/guitarists as he plays great tunes by the Bee Gees, The Beatles, The Eagles and many more. No Cover Charge – Regular Drink Prices – No Hassle Staff

19/07/11 There’s work afoot in the Jomtien Complex. The bar opposite the Hotmale Information centre has been rented and is becoming a cocktail bar. We are not sure at this time of any more details (such as gay status, name or owner etc). The place next to it is to become a wholesale drink seller. There is also work being carried out on the former Monty’s Showbar. But this is purely tidying up work by the Complex and does not signify a new lease. As soon as more news is available on any of these it will be reported here …

04/07/11 The new Bistro Oscar @ The Poseidon Hotel in the Jomtien Complex has opened. We went there for a meal on the first day and thought it was wonderful! See our full review here.

01/01/07 The Poseidon Hotel at the Jomtien Complex opened their new pool, sauna, exercise area and massage facility. It’s added a really nice feel to the place and completed the renovations. This is a wonderful area to relax in after you get back from the beach before going out for the evening. Really nice!

28/06/11 The Pattaya Hotmale cafe in Jomtien Complex has launched a new menu of tasty Thai food. Their meals start at just 30B for fried mama noodles and the range includes such things as Tom Yam, Panang Curry and many other Thai favourites. Check out their details here –

25/06/11 ILUKA in the Jomtien Complex has completed stage 2 of its development. They now have 4 room categories. The “new rooms” are Standard Room and Two-Room Suite. As a promotion, they are offering a July Special for the “new rooms” – see above for August offer.

15/06/11 The D.D. Inn is increasing its staff again to cope with their busy period. Pop in and welcome the new boys.

04/06/11 East Tapas in Jomtien Complex has opened. They do a delicious range of dishes. Read our review here.

31/05/11 “A Touch of Class” in the Jomtien Complex has closed and the staff have all been let go without any notice… No news what will happen to the site, but if it re-opens I will let you know.

30/05/11 A new bar – X-men – has opened next door to Cafe Ritz. You can read our full review here.

22/05/11 The D.D. Inn by the beach has just hired three new gay staff. Pop in and introduce yourself to them sometime. They’d love to make you welcome.

19/05/11 Tops Daily comes to Jomtien. Following our news last week of a new promotion from Tops Superstore to deliver orders placed online, we can now tell you a new Tops Daily is opening in Jomtien. The store is on Thappraya Road, opposite the Jomtien Complex. Maybe this will be a new outlet when the online delivery is spread wider.

13/05/11 P2 coffee lounge, art gallery, fashion shop and … opened today with a small cocktail party. It’s a nice place – read our review!

11/05/11 Q.M. Bar (the new part of Question Mark) has just started doing snack food. Available from 9.30 am to 10.30 pm (closed Mondays).

07/05/11 Aquarius Restaurant is definitely open. Despite rumours it had closed, I ate there tonight and so can 100% confirm that it is not closed.

25/04/11 The POUR HOUSE opened in the Jomtien complex. It was the “softest” of openings as they are still building the stage. It already has a good atmosphere and promises great things.

18/04/11 SUGAR AND SPICE (which was briefly a boy bar) is currently closed.

18/04/11 THE POSEIDON RESTAURANT has closed. It will re-open on 1/7/11 with a new name – Bistro Oscar, and we will review it as soon after that as we can. The Poseidon Hotel is very much still open and doing a great Summer offer.

01/04/11 LUBOVBOYS – has closed. It has been taken over by La Dolce Vita next door.