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jomtienJomtien complex is by the beach at Jomtien (obviously!) just over the hill from Pattaya. The 10 Baht bus runs along the Thappraya Road linking the two towns. The only downside of the journey, is the traffic which can get horrendous especially during the afternoon.

The Jomtien area has no “entertainment” bars, but makes up for it with some reasonable massage places, possibly the best showbar in Pattaya and a number of fantastic beer bars. The Venue has cabaret shows and a luxury spa to go with theirs. The complex can be quieter in comparison to some other areas and yet this adds to its charm. If you’re looking for bustling full on scene, go to Boyztown or Sunee. If you’re looking for fun in a slightly quieter way come here! There are many highlights – look out for them.

Of course the Complex is right by Dong Tan gay beach. This whole scene is one not to be missed. Jomtien has a large gay beach area. If you go to the beach front and head right, you can’t miss it – it’s just after the first

toilet block

The first toilet block!

toilet block. The whole area here is a potential cruising area and often lads will walk along the beach looking for a date. As long as you remember to have respect almost anyone along there is available and just make good eye contact and take it from there.The beach is a great place to spend the afternoon. The locals make a lot of money walking along there selling everything from Ice Cream to Trinkets that tourists love to buy. You can get everything from food, such as ice cream, doughnuts, fresh fruit and fried fish; to Tee shirts and even carved elephants!

the venueYou can also get services such as massages or pedicures. In short you hardly need to leave the beach for anything. The concession owners will bring you drinks and food (just ask for a menu) and it’s a paradise. It’s also a good place to watch the world walking by – and some of it is very cute indeed!

There are many bars and shops just outside the Complex where you can find everything from groceries to pharmacies and everything in between. In short, Jomtien is a self-contained area, having everything you could want for a great holiday.

YouTube video of the show at The Venue