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Another thing of the past is the beer bar in Day/Night. With the closing of Office boy, we regret to say there currently aren’t any. We’ll carefully monitor this and if any open will report. There is however one Wine bar, and for the sake of somewhere to put this, we’ve included it here

Wine Bar – Soi Day Night

This is a good venture that seems to have laid the ghost of changing names, owners and themes for this corner venue opposite the Bordeaux restaurant. It looks good from the outside, and our man has been in there.

He seemed to like the place and has written a full report of it for the blog –


He was well entertained and thinks it should do well. That is if it overcomes the curse of the site!

The comments still hold true for the new venue in the former location. New owners, but same menu and service.

Google coordinates – 12.922637,100.878076