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Boyztown is situated between Second Road and Beach Road, near Walking Street. Really the name Boyztown applies to Pattayaland Soi 3 only. However, the whole area (Pattayaland Soi 1, 2 and 3) are all frequently referred to as Boyztown. Pattayaland Sois 1 and 2 are a mixed area of girly bars and boy bars. So don’t be surprised if you get chatted up by all sorts! The door staff are out in the street chasing you to get you in. They all say they have new boys, sexy boys and try to get you in. Don’t be afraid of looking in the door and if you don’t like what you see walking straight out again. There are plenty more entertainment bars in the area to visit.

Boyztown has more long-standing clubs in it with full on cabaret shows than anywhere else in Pattaya (or anywhere in the World as far as I know).

It’s the more established and “upmarket” side of Pattaya. It is certainly the oldest gay area in Pattaya and this shows in the maturity and established nature of Boyztown itself. The Pattaya Pride is a long established fund raising group and to date has raised over 31 million Baht for charity. They hold various events during the year and culminate each year with a Street Party at the start of December. We will carry details of their events or you can check out their website here –

It’s more on the tourist trail and you can enjoy the shows, bars and boys in Pattaya’s premier gay area here.