Thailand is Simply Wonderful!

Hey, Nicky here. I’m going to try and convince you to come to Thailand for fun in the sun and so much more. But I shouldn’t have to try to hard now should I? Everyone has heard how awesome Thailand is but do you really want to just take their word for it? You should be on a plane yesterday to see what everyone is talking about.

Depending where you are, the flight can be long. As I am in Australia its a relatively short flight for me. I have friends in Canada and the USA, and they said that there are no direct flights and have to fly like 15 hours to Hong Kong then another 3 hours or so to Bangkok – that’s crazy! But, they say the excitement of the destination helps the flight move along quicker. So good!

There is so much to see and do in Thailand. If you’re gay or straight, it’s all for you. Just a tid bit of info if you come to BK and want to see the gay scene right away, you’ll want to go to Silom – your boy Nicky has ya covered lol.

If you wan to just have a fun trip, you need to define what fun is. Do you like beaches? Or, would you prefer the concrete jungle of Bangkok? Both have different things to offer but my advice is to try them both. You’ll never know what you like until you try it! Where have you heard that before?

If you like picturesque beaches, don’t go to Pattaya, even though it is just a couple hours from Bangkok. If you don’t want to fly to a beach, you should go to Hua Hin, it has such a beautiful beach and such a nice little town. The king comes from there by the way – bless his soul.

You can get to Hua Hin by mini van which is the best way in my opinion. It’s around 600 baht which is like maybe 16 or 17$ US. That’s pretty cheap considering it’s a 2.5 hour drive or so, depending on traffic.

If you like temples, they are all over Thailand. You can start with the Grand Palace and a few other temples in Bangkok, there are many to choose from. You can ask Thai people which ones are the best to visit, I am sure that you will get some great info from them.

As for language, you will find that most people speak English in Bangkok. You will also notice that most also speak English in the touristy areas. The reason for this is obvious in case you haven’t figured it out yet.

As you move out of these areas, you might find it difficult to find people that speak English but there’s always a few. The bottom line is that it’s easy to get around and can always find help from either Thais or tourists.